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Thread Cares

A COVID-19 Support Initiative dedicated to Relief Work in India.



What is #ThreadCares?

#ThreadCares is our way to contribute to supplies that are in dire need in the midst of India's dire COVID-19 Crisis, starting with oxygen.

Through #ThreadCares top Women Leaders from the Pink Thread family have generously pledged their time to mentor and coach young women, donating all proceeds from the sessions to the #ThreadCares COVID-19 Mission.


Why should I care?

If you are interested in receiving a 30 minute:


  • Mentoring Session

  • Career Coaching Session

  • Resume Building Workshop or

  • Personal Branding Masterclass


session from a Leading Woman in Corporate and contribute to MUCH needed COVID-19 Relief in India, you're in the right place.

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I care, how do I start? 

Please fill in this form to indicate your interest, and your choice of expert. If you don't have a preference, simply list the topics or industries you are interested in and we will match you with a Leader.

Thank you, your country needs you.


How do I support? 

  1. Take a Session: Do something good for yourself, while doing something good for someone else. A win-win.

  2. Make a Donation: Donate to O2 cylinder procurement via a verified COVID-19 charity using this link, or reach out for other ways you can support this initiative. 

  3. Spread the Word: Use the hashtag #ThreadCares on LinkedIn and encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to participate or raise awareness for the initiative. 

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FAQ #TheadCares

100% of the proceeds for the session are donated to verified COVID-19 Charities in India.

 For any questions please write to us at

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