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Unravelling our new Avatar: The Pink Thread 2.0

Sometimes it helps to do one thing well than to do many things not so well. The Pink Thread was focused on gender equity as a whole and that umbrella approach created a lot of smiles, inspiration, and food for thought. After chewing on that food for several months, we decided it’s time to niche down and scale up.

What does that mean?

The Pink Thread will now be solely focused on reducing the splash in the leaky bucket.

What is the leaky bucket?

It is the phenomenon that while close to 50% of our college graduates and entry level workforce is women, these numbers dramatically dwindle as we go up the ladder. And this decrease is especially large at the time when women choose to embrace motherhood.

A World Bank study done in collaboration with the National Sample Survey Organisation states that 20 million Indian women quit their jobs between 2004-12 of which 65-70% never returned to work. This needs to change.

How will The Pink Thread help?

We will rest our new initiatives under three concrete pillars:

1. Content:

Content has always been at the heart of The Pink Thread. Our content will be largely divided into two categories:

  • Awareness: We will work with research and sentiment to create content that opens our eyes and minds and hearts to the current situation. We will rely on both data and creativity to engage our audiences. We want to bring to light what is happening, why its happening, and how can it change.

  • Storytelling: this has always been our weapon of choice. We do believe it will play a key role in creating gender equity. When I see someone who looks like me on screen do courageous things in a move or within the pages of a book, I feel empowered. Similarly, when I hear from women who have walked the path I am daring to walk on, I find perspective and courage and inspiration to dream myself. And believing it's possible is the first step to making it possible. Our storytelling also always encompasses practical tips from real life experiences that women can choose to action immediately.

2. Community:

Creating a safe space that inculcates a growth mindset with peer-to-peer learning will be a strong focus for this journey. A few methods we intend to put into place to make this a reality are:

  • Workshops and Trainings: Digital workshops conducted by leaders in the industry will be organised for our community For example, we will have an expert in the field of negotiation come in to teach our community the best techniques to excel at this skill. As always, we will remain open to feedback on what the community is looking for help with, to try and match that with the leaders we can onboard.

  • Live events: If the pandemic allows, we would love to host at least one live event this year to gather our community for food and fun and learning. As we grow, we would look at trying to initiate more of these in our plans.

  • Coaching: We will onboard certified life, career and health coaches on our website to assist our community of women to seek the help they require to overcome this life stage and unleash their true potential. This activity will be a paid one in order to recognise the efforts our coaches will be putting in.

3. Partnerships:

What we can’t do alone, we can do together.

We will be seeking out partnerships that could further assist our vision and our community. It has always been our motto to #CollaborateNotCompete. Some of the areas we would like to explore are:

  • Employment portals: There are some amazing portals working on helping women come back to work after maternity breaks. And others helping women find more flexible workplaces suitable for their life phase. We will look at collaborating with them to practically empower our community with job opportunities.

  • Brand onboarding: We want to work with organisations and brands who are truly dedicated to bridging this gender gap with their back to work programs among others. We will take it upon ourselves to speak with these companies and find out the feasibility of their programs which once approved will be highlighted on our website for our community to then easily seek out for employment.

This public announcement of what we would like to do even before we have done it is to not only hold ourselves accountable to this vision but also as promised, to bring you onboard right from step one. We want to build WITH you.

The flight is ready, the destination is set, and we are more fuelled than ever before. Can we book you a seat?

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