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The Needle behind the Thread: The Pink Thread Story

Krusha and Kimaya have more in common than the first letter in their names. They found in each other a common drive to empower working women in India and a shared love for stories.

With that in mind, they launched The Pink Thread to unveil the stories behind inspiring women and create a community where women can collaborate instead of compete. Collaborating with each other is in fact a first step in that direction.

The Pink Thread wants to talk about the often-neglected portions in the stories of career women in India such as family support, work-life balance, gender specific challenges, unique hobbies, talents and much more; for this is something the founders themselves have experienced in their own careers.

Krusha knows for a fact that she owes a lot of her success to an inspiring, independent mother, a supportive, equal partner/husband and cooperative in-laws. Similarly, Kimaya knows for a fact that her hobbies and personality have had a large role to play in her success outside of what you see in her education and resume. And this is exactly what they want to uncover in the stories of other women too.

Indian women haven’t always been in the forefront of the corporate workforce and the founders believe that having an avenue where young girls can learn from the true stories of women with similar backgrounds that they can relate with is powerful. Learning about how to stand up for yourself, how to negotiate, how to balance life and a lot more is so powerful to have access to at the beginning of your career. Not only, but even knowing that someone in the same phase as you, shares similar challenges and having a forum to exchange those insights can be so empowering. The founders both felt a void of the same and thus decided to fill it themselves.

The Pink Thread is also here to throw light on shattering glass ceilings and breaking stereotypes. However, there is one cliché both the founders adhere to. They both love pink! To them it signifies joy, positivity and inspiration and that is exactly what they hope to spread with this initiative.

The Pink Threads vision is to create a supportive, inspiring and empowering community of women in corporate.

Kimaya is an Enterprise Marketing Lead at Upgrad and Krusha is the Regional Business Head, APAC at Sociabble.

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