The woman who always finds a silver lining - even during a pandemic!

Kriti Pradhan from the Times Group and her Daughter. While she has a demanding career, Kriti makes sure to make family a priority as well.
Kriti Pradhan and her Daughter

Kriti Pradhan could just as well pass of as the writer of the book, ‘How to make friends and influence people’. What stands out most to us in conversation with her, is that she is definitely a people’s person and has embraced her ability to make connections as her strength even in her professional life.

Her exuberance and positive attitude towards life is a big part of what makes her, her. As she says in the words of Jack Welch, she knows how to not only start the day with enthusiasm but also end it well. And what came as a breath of fresh air was her straight forwardness. She doesn’t mince her words and always tells it like it is. As she tells us, her peers thus often say that with Kriti there is only black or white, no greys. So, if you’re working with Kriti, you won’t have to be struggling to read in between the lines.

Her candor even holds true in high pressure situations like job interviews. She isn’t one to hesitate to ask why she should join the company and thus also appreciates when she is asked questions directly on why she should be hired. It’s not something that throws her off guard but in fact something she embraces with confidence.

What we absolutely loved about Kriti was how well she wore her femininity as her strength. She narrated to us incidents on when she succeeded in making things happen due to her intuition or empathetic nature and strong persuasion skills. And instead of looking at these tasks as being handed to her due to any gender bias, she simply looked at them as tasks at hand that she needed to conquer and so she did, using her virtues to her advantage. And it is probably this attitude that has got her to where she stands today.

While Kriti has impressive persuasion skills, she did admit that negotiation was still something she had to learn along the way. She had some wise words to share though that you mustn’t give up, you must keep working and the law of averages always catches up. That’s heartening advice for some.

We even picked Kriti’s brain on the current situation and her response did not surprise. Despite the dark clouds hanging, we could leave it to her to see the silver lining, with people understanding the meaning of gratitude, collaboration, extending a helping hand and doing simple things which bring a smile to someone like maybe serving food, ferrying patients etc.

She is right to point out that while we face the worst in the world, we are seeing the best in people. If there is one advice you should take from Kriti, it is to be a life-long learner. Kriti seems to be on a constant mission to learn from every experience, mistake, interaction. Her ability to learn and translate that learning into action is what you should try too. For they rightly say the capacity to learn is a gift (one we all enjoy), the ability to learn is a skill (one you must keep growing) but most importantly, the willingness to learn is a choice and Kriti is living proof that is the right choice to make.

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Kriti Pradhan works with Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd (The Times Group), Driving Innovation as Culture, with Communications (Internal and External) and Digital Brand HR.